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Going down, moving up

Here’s a head-scratcher from the latest statewide soccer rankings: The Danville boys lost twice last week, then cracked the coaches’ poll for the first time this season — and at No. 17, no less.

Danville had won its first six games, including its first game last week, but then lost to Southwestern, which entered its game with the Admirals at 3-3, and Boyle County, which was 2-2-1 before that game. Either nobody’s paying attention to the results, or Danville should have been ranked sooner than it was.

Meanwhile, the Boyle girls, the area’s only undefeated team at 8-0, leapt five spots in their poll this week to No. 12 after wins over Garrard County, Lexington Christian (which fell from 14th to 18th) and Danville, which also received votes in the poll.

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Tracking the polls (in the only race that matters this week)

Let the folks at CNN and Fox News keep up with whether McCain or Obama has the upper hand this week. For the time being, football fans in these parts are far more consumed with whether Danville or Boyle County should be the pick in Friday’s crosstown showdown.

If Boyle didn’t already have the lead in the local polls, it went in front after its win over Henry Clay last week. Suddenly the Rebels are hip again. But Danville has the same 2-0 record, making this the first time that both teams have gone into this game with 2-0 records since 2003, which was the last championship season for both the Admirals and Rebels.

The public is weighing at seemingly every barber shop, coffee shop and office in town, which is one of the things that makes this game so much fun. But the only hard numbers we can find are in a poll/prediction thread on, where 90 people have weighed in as of this posting. Here are their results:

  • Boyle County, 56 votes, 62.2 percent.
  • Danville, 34 votes, 37.8 percent.

I expect to start seeing the dreaded yard signs any day. Meanwhile, I’ll keep my ear to the ground and make another check of the BGP poll again later in the week. And I’ll stick with my preseason pick, which I’ll revisit on Friday.

And if you’d like to weigh in with your thoughts on the game, feel free to do so in a comment.

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Follow-up questions

Too many commitments in a short week has left too little time to blog in the last few days. I’ll try to do better next week, and meanwhile there’s a lot to look forward to in this week of high school football, particularly for Lincoln County and Mercer County, two teams that surprised me with the nature of their losses last week.

It’s no surprise that Mercer lost to Madison Central, but the high turnover total that derailed its offense was alarming. Now the Titans are in a tough spot tonight because they face Pulaski County, the team favored to win their district.

As for Lincoln, injuries to three key linemen have hurt most on defense, so I’ll be eager to see how well the Patriots contain a Tates Creek team that scored only 14 points last week. (Schedule note: Remember that Lincoln plays on Saturday, not Friday, in Woodford County’s bowl.)

More of curiousity than concern are questions about how good Boyle County and Danville can be on offense after they put up some impressive numbers last weekend. Of course, this will be the last chance to evaluate those teams before their showdown next week.

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Here’s the one and only link that I found relating to this weekend’s games from outside Advocate-land, a glance at the Rebels’ game with Henry Clay and the Patriots’ game with Tates Creek from the Lexington Herald-Leader.

* * *

Finally, the picks:

  • Danville over Southwestern
  • Garrard County over Bethlehem
  • Henry Clay over Boyle County
  • Mercer County over Pulaski County
  • Russell County over Casey County
  • Tates Creek over Lincoln County (Sat.)

Last week: 5-1 (.833).

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