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Football playoff pairings update

The playoff picture in Class 4A, Region 3 developed exactly as expected Friday, with the teams involved in the three-way tie for first place in District 6 remaining in the order they were stacked in prior to the final regular-season games.

Rockcastle County earned the No. 1 seed, followed by Russell County and Knox Central at Nos. 2 and 3. That means Boyle County will host Knox in the first round, while Mercer County will play at Russell County.

The rest of the playoff pairings in regions including area teams were set last week. Just to refresh your memory, here’s the full list from those five regions (games are listed in bracket order with teams’ district seeds, overall and district records in parentheses):

Class 2A, Region 4

  • Betsy Layne (4; 7-3, 0-3) at Somerset (1; 6-4, 3-0)
  • Danville (3; 7-3, 1-2) at Prestonsburg (2; 5-5, 2-1)
  • Middlesboro (4; 4-6, 0-3) at Leslie County (1; 8-2, 3-0)
  • Shelby Valley (5-5, 1-2) at Lexington Christian (2; 4-6, 2-1)

Class 3A, Region 2

  • Casey County (4; 4-6, 1-3) at Central (1; 7-3, 3-0)
  • Henry County (3; 2-8, 1-2) at Corbin (2; 6-4, 3-1)
  • Elizabethtown (4; 0-10, 0-3) at Bell County (1; 9-1, 4-0)
  • Wayne County (3; 8-2, 2-2) at LaRue County (2; 6-4, 2-1)

Class 3A, Region 3

  • West Carter (4; 3-7, 2-3) at Garrard County (1; 9-1, 5-0)
  • Western Hills (3; 5-5, 3-2) at Russell (2; 6-4, 4-1)
  • Powell County (4; 6-4, 2-3) at Lewis County (1; 8-2, 5-0)
  • Fleming County (3; 4-6, 3-2) at Bourbon County (2; 7-3, 4-1)

Class 4A, Region 3

  • Clay County (4; 1-9, 0-3) at Lexington Catholic (1; 8-2, 4-0)
  • Mercer County (3; 4-6, 2-2) at Russell County (2; 9-1, 2-1)
  • Marion County (4; 3-7, 1-3) at Rockcastle County (1; 8-2, 2-1)
  • Knox Central (3; 6-3, 2-1) at Boyle County (2; 7-3, 3-1)

Class 5A, Region 4

  • Whitley County (4; 3-7, 0-3) at Southwestern (1; 7-3, 5-0)
  • South Laurel (3; 5-5, 3-2) at Perry County Central (2; 8-2, 2-1)
  • Pulaski County (4; 3-7, 2-3) at Harlan County (1; 9-1, 3-0)
  • Letcher County Central (3; 3-6, 1-2) at Lincoln County (2; 4-6, 4-1)
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Friday football finals, week 11

Here are tonight’s final scores from around the Advoplex:

  • Boyle County 48, Whitley County 10
  • Danville 33, Frankfort 12
  • Garrard County 52, Madison Southern 14
  • Paul Dunbar 34, Mercer County 32

And here are next week’s first-round playoff games (all games Friday, Nov. 4; all times TBA):

  • Class 2A, Region 4: Danville at Prestonsburg
  • Class 3A, Region 2: Casey County at Central
  • Class 3A, Region 3: West Carter at Garrard County
  • Class 4A, Region 3: Knox Central at Boyle County
  • Class 4A, Region 3: Mercer County at Russell County
  • Class 5A, Region 4: Letcher County Central at Lincoln County
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Friday football digest, week 11

Let’s be honest: If you don’t have a kid on the field, you’re probably not going out to watch a football game tonight. It’s cold, it’s wet and the games don’t mean very much. Can’t say as I blame you. I’ll be out there tonight, but I’ll also be getting paid for my trouble. But I’ll be the first to admit that the local football schedule in this final week of the regular season is thoroughly unappetizing.

The only exception might be at Admiral Stadium, where Danville and Frankfort meet in a season finale for the fifth straight season in the kind of game that both teams can use to prepare for the coming playoffs. They are two teams of similar make-ups, both of which usually have trouble scheduling non-district games against schools of similar size.

From Danville’s perspective, it’s not a must-win game for playoff seeding purposes — the seeds in its region were set last week — but it’s almost a must-win in the sense that the Admirals need to gather some momentum for the postseason after losing two of their last three games. A victory might send them on to their Class 2A first-round playoff game at Prestonsburg with a little more swagger.

The other three area games look like mismatches, all favoring the local teams: Boyle County over struggling Whitley County, Garrard County over slightly improved Madison Southern and Mercer County over winless Paul Dunbar. Casey County and Lincoln County are off.

All six area teams will be in the playoffs next week, and there’ll be much more to discuss then. For now, enjoy your nice, warm living rooms, and save a thought for those of us who’ll be out in the elements.

The picks:

  • Boyle County over Whitley County.
  • Danville over Frankfort.
  • Garrard County over Madison Southern.
  • Mercer County over Paul Dunbar.

Last week: 4-1; season: 44-7 (.863).


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Boyle girls fall in state soccer quarterfinals

The Boyle County girls were eliminated from the KHSAA Girls State Soccer Championship with a 1-0, double-overtime loss to West Jessamine in a sectional final tonight in Nicholasville.

West Jessamine’s Sarah Wiggins scored 31 seconds into the second of two 5-minute sudden-death periods after the teams played to a draw in regulation.

This was the fifth time the Lady Rebels have reached the state tournament’s quarterfinal level in the last seven years, but once again they were denied their first trip to the final four.

Look for full coverage of the game Friday at and in the Advocate.

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Football playoff pairings

The end of district play Friday brought the football playoff picture into focus across most of Kentucky. All six Advocate-area teams have qualified for the playoffs, and three of them — Boyle County, Garrard County and Lincoln County — will open the postseason at home Nov. 4.

There are very few three-way ties out there, although there is one that affects Boyle and Mercer County, which is explained below. Here are the first-round playoff pairings in regions including area teams (games are listed in bracket order with teams’ district seeds, overall and district records in parentheses):

Class 2A, Region 4

  • Betsy Layne (4; 6-3, 0-3) at Somerset (1; 6-3, 3-0)
  • Danville (3; 6-3, 1-2) at Prestonsburg (2; 5-4, 2-1)
  • Middlesboro (4; 3-6, 0-3) at Leslie County (1; 7-2, 3-0)
  • Shelby Valley (3; 5-4, 1-2) at Lexington Christian (2; 4-5, 2-1)

Class 3A, Region 2

  • Casey County (4; 4-6, 1-3) at Central (1; 7-2, 3-0)
  • Henry County (3; 2-7, 1-2) at Corbin (2; 5-4, 3-1)
  • Elizabethtown (4; 0-9, 0-3) at Bell County (1; 8-1, 4-0)
  • Wayne County (3; 7-2, 2-2) at LaRue County (2; 5-4, 2-1)

Class 3A, Region 3

  • West Carter (4; 3-6, 2-3) at Garrard County (1; 8-1, 5-0)
  • Western Hills (3; 5-5, 3-2) at Russell (2; 6-3, 4-1)
  • Powell County (4; 6-3, 2-3) at Lewis County (1; 7-2, 5-0)
  • Fleming County (3; 4-5, 3-2) at Bourbon County (2; 6-3, 4-1)

Class 4A, Region 3

  • Clay County (4; 1-8, 0-3) at Lexington Catholic (1; 8-1, 4-0)
  • Mercer County (3; 4-5, 2-2) at Knox Central (6-3, 2-1), Rockcastle County (8-1, 2-1) or Russell County (8-1, 2-1) (2)
  • Marion County (4; 3-6, 1-3) at Knox Central, Rockcastle County or Russell County (1)
  • Knox Central, Rockcastle County or Russell County (3) at Boyle County (2; 6-3, 3-1)

(NOTE: The three-way tie between Knox, Rockcastle and Russell will be broken by the system that awards points for the victories by teams that your team has beaten. The current point totals for the tiebreaker are: 1. Rockcastle 18; 2. Russell 14; 3. Knox 7. If the teams finish in that order — and it seems likely that they will — the first-round matchups will be: Mercer and Russell, Marion at Rockcastle and Knox at Boyle. However, each team has one game remaining and can gain points either by winning that game or if teams they have already beaten win this week.)

Class 5A, Region 4

  • Whitley County (4; 3-6, 0-3) at Southwestern (1; 6-3, 5-0)
  • South Laurel (3; 5-5, 3-2) at Perry County Central (2; 7-2, 2-1)
  • Pulaski County (4; 3-6, 2-3) at Harlan County (1; 9-0, 3-0)
  • Letcher County Central (3; 3-6, 1-2) at Lincoln County (2; 4-6, 4-1)
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Danville boys, Boyle girls move on to state soccer tourney

After repeating as 15th Region champions Saturday night, the Danville boys and Boyle County girls will play in the KHSAA State Soccer Championships beginning this week.

Both teams are two wins away from making it to the final four, which Danville reached two years ago and which Boyle is looking to reach for the first time, but all 16 regional winners in both the boys and girls playoffs are considered part of the state tournament. Here’s what’s ahead for the two local teams:

The boys tournament begins first, and Danville plays a sub-sectional game Monday at 13th Region champion and defending state champion Henry Clay, which ended the regular season ranked No. 3 in the state. If the Admirals advance, they will play a sectional final at home Wednesday against the winner of Monday’s Paul Dunbar-South Laurel game.

The girls tournament starts Tuesday with sub-sectional games. No. 6 Boyle will host No. 11 Henry Clay in a rematch of an Aug. 30 game at Rebel Stadium in which the two teams played to a 1-1 tie. If the Lady Rebels advance, they will go on the road for a sectional final Thursday at the winner of Tuesday’s Letcher County Central-West Jessamine game.

All sub-sectional and sectional games begin at 7 p.m. The state semifinals and finals will be played Nov. 2-5 at Paul Dunbar.

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Regional soccer championship times changed

There has been yet another change in the schedules for the boys and girls 15th Region soccer tournaments. The starting times for both games have been moved, with the boys game at Danville’s Reynolds Field moving up one hour to 6 p.m. and the girls game at Boyle County’s Rebel Stadium moving back one hour to 8 p.m.

Danville and Mercer County will play in the boys final and Boyle and Mercer will play in the girls final, with state tournament berths on the line in both games.

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Friday football finals, week 10

Here are tonight’s final scores from around the Advoplex:

  • Boyle County 28, Mercer County 0
  • Corbin 40, Casey County 8
  • Garrard County 39, Estill County 12
  • Lexington Christian 14, Danville 13
  • Lincoln County 35, North Laurel 23

And here are next week’s area games (all games Friday, Oct. 28):

  • Whitley County at Boyle County, 7:30 p.m.
  • Frankfort at Danville, 7:30 p.m.
  • Garrard County at Madison Southern, 7:30 p.m.
  • Paul Dunbar at Mercer County, 7:30 p.m.

Casey County and Lincoln County are open.

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Friday football digest, week 10

Since nothing on this week’s local pigskin schedule fires me up, I’m using this tiny little piece of the Internet to spotlight a grand gesture that illustrates what can be good about high school sports.

As the Advocate’s Hal Morris reported earlier this week, the starting times for two of tonight’s games have been coordinated to allow Mercer County coach Paul Rains to attend the senior night ceremony at Lexington Christian that will include his son Austin. The kicker: That’s at least a 45-minute drive from Mercer, where Rains’ Titans will be playing Boyle County.

The solution: LCA’s game against Danville was moved up to 7 p.m., which will give Rains time to attend the pregame ceremony and hustle back to Harrodsburg for the Boyle-Mercer game, which was scheduled for 8 p.m.

Rains is friends with each of the other three affected coaches (Boyle’s Larry French, Danville’s Sam Harp and LCA’s Ray Graham), so they had no problem with shifting their schedules to allow Rains to share a once-in-a-lifetime moment with his son. It may seem like a small thing, but it surely means a great deal to Rains and his son.

As for the action on the field, here’s a quick breakdown of how the playoff picture might be painted in this final Friday of district play:

Boyle and Mercer are playing for second place in District 4A-5, and their first-round playoff opponents Nov. 4 will be determined by the outcome of the Knox Central-Russell County game in 4A-6. If Knox wins that game, the Boyle-Mercer winner will host Russell County, and the loser will go to Rockcastle County. If Knox loses, that district will have a three-way tie at the top.

Danville and LCA are also playing for second place in 2A-7. The winner will host tonight’s Betsy Layne-Shelby Valley winner in two weeks; the loser will travel to the loser of tonight’s Leslie County-Prestonsburg game.

Garrard County goes to Estill County tonight having already locked up first place in 3A-5. The Golden Lions could host any of four teams in the first round, but the most likely candidates are Fleming County or Mason County.

Lincoln County is locked into second place in 5A-7 entering its regular-season finale tonight at North Laurel; the Patriots can’t move up or down. They will host the winner of tonight’s Letcher County Central-Whitley County game in the first round.

Casey County is currently in fourth place in 3A-4 and would have to win its season finale at Corbin tonight to have a chance to climb higher. If the Rebels stay in fourth place, they’ll play at Central in two weeks. If they make it to third place, they could go to LaRue County instead.

The picks:

  • Boyle County over Mercer County.
  • Corbin over Casey County.
  • Danville over Lexington Christian.
  • Garrard County over Estill County.
  • Lincoln County over North Laurel.

Last week: 6-0; season: 40-6 (.870).

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Girls regional soccer final moved to Boyle

The decision was made today to play the championship game of the girls 15th Region soccer tournament at Boyle County on Saturday night. The move was expected after Thursday’s semifinals were moved from Somerset to Boyle, especially now that Somerset and Pulaski County have been eliminated from the tournament.

Boyle will play Mercer County at 7 p.m. Across town at Danville’s Reynolds Field, Mercer and Danville will meet in the boys 12th Region final at the same time.

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