Is it hot in here?

At Lincoln County, the answer is yes. The Lincoln boys are turning up the heat on their opponents by turning up the temperature in their gymnasium. Even with a typically good home crowd warming up the place during Tuesday’s game against Danville, the building’s heaters worked hard throughout the game to keep the temperature in the mid-70s.

That’s a little on the warm side when there’s a big crowd in the house, but it’s just where the Patriots want it. Lincoln coach Jeff Jackson said didn’t say whether the advantage was physical or psychological, but he said the coaches want to make sure the players are perspiring whether at games or practices. “We like it hot, even at practice,” Jackson said. “They need to sweat and get good and loose.”

Regardless of the room temperature, Lincoln one of the hottest teams in the 12th Region, with wins in five of its last six games and a 2-0 start in 45th District play. At 11-5 overall, the Patriots’ record is better than every team in the region except McCreary Central, which has won seven straight games and is 11-4. Oh, and they’re 5-0 at home.

But if you’re going to see them play at home, wear short sleeves.

2 Comments on Is it hot in here?

  1. Daniel Hopkins
    January, 11th 2007 at 10:03 pm

    Thanks for the warning! I’ll be going casual tomorrow night when Garrard heads to Lincoln. By the way, nice work on the blog. Why hasn’t it been publicized in the paper, though? Did I miss something?

  2. Daniel Hopkins
    January, 13th 2007 at 9:45 am

    I went casual and it was still hot. Here’s a question, though: Is it truly right to keep the heat turned up so high? I ask this, partially for the players, but also for the fans. What if a Garrard (or other opponent) passed out from over heating? Would there be any questions about room temperature? What if someone in the stands had some type of health issue based on over-heating? I know it isn’t likely, but if it did happen, couldn’t Lincoln County get in quite a bit of trouble, i.e. law suits?

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