30 (but not for me)

In journalism, reporters for many years typed “30″ to denote the end of stories they filed for newspapers and wire services (and some still do). So it struck me as interesting that 30 also marked the end for four local girls basketball teams last weekend.

In the span of two days, four teams lost with a final score of 30. On Friday, Boyle County lost 60-30 to Lincoln County and Mercer County lost 88-30 to Elizabethtown on Friday. And on Saturday, Garrard County lost to Casey County 67-30 and Burgin fell to Sayre 49-30.

Doesn’t mean a thing; it’s just an interesting coincidence. At least to me.

The trend was reversed on Tuesday, by the way, when the Kentucky School for the Deaf girls gave up only 30 points but still lost 30-25 to Collegiate.

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