Boyle looking for 10th game — again

For the second time this year, Boyle County has a hole on its 2011 football schedule after Hancock County (Tenn.) canceled its Oct. 7 game with the Rebels today.

Boyle assistant coach Chris Mason sent an email to the Kentucky football coaches’ list-serve saying that Hancock canceled the game and that Boyle is looking for a game. “If anyone is looking we would be glad to play anybody. We can talk about home and away if you are interested,” Mason said in the email.

The Boyle-Hancock game, which was added to the schedule only about two months ago, never made sense to begin with — Hancock is a fledgling program that plays in Tennessee’s smallest public-school class and went 6-36 in its first five seasons — but Boyle was trying to fill its schedule any way possible.

Now the Rebels’ options for filling their schedule are few, at least in Kentucky. A cross-check of KHSAA schedules released Aug. 10 and the KHSAA football scoreboard shows that only nine other state schools have less than 10 games on their schedules at this point. Of those nine, only three teams have open dates that match one of Boyle’s two available slots, Sept. 16 and Oct. 7.

Here’s the list: Louisville Holy Cross (Class 1A-2), open on Sept. 16; Knox Central (Class 4A-6), open on Oct. 7; and Shawnee (Class 2A-4), open on Sept. 16.

There’s no chance that Shawnee would want any part of playing Boyle, and probably not much chance that Holy Cross would be interested, either. The most likely matchup would seem to be with Knox, but the Panthers play in the sister district in Boyle’s region and therefore are a possible playoff opponent, and they might not be interested in the idea of perhaps playing Boyle twice in a month.

The bottom line is that if Boyle can’t find another out-of-state opponent — and fast — it’s looking at a nine-game schedule.

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  1. Daniel Hopkins
    August, 23rd 2011 at 11:17 am

    Knox Central isn’t an option. They played in their bowl game last week against a team from Tennessee that isn’t on the schedule (I have no idea why). But they have a full 10-game schedule. I’m hearing talk that Boyle might have something in the works with Harlan Independent.

  2. Mike Marsee
    August, 23rd 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Coach French confirmed they have been talking with Harlan about a Sept. 16 game in a story in today’s Advocate. But the schedule shows that Harlan has a game that night, so I’m not sure how that would be worked out.

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