This town is big enough for the both of them

If you wanted to stage a festival, something with music and games and funnel cakes, would you schedule it for the same weekend as the only other festival in your town? Probably not.

If you wanted to put on an early-season football bowl, a doubleheader that could bring in fans from a broad area, would you schedule it for the same day as the only other event of its kind in your town? At Boyle County, the answer is yes.

As a result, we have arrived on the eve of a day that will see two doubleheaders played within two miles of each other at exactly the same time in one of the most baffling scheduling decisions I’ve ever seen. Never mind that it makes no sense on any level of logic for these two bowls to go head to head, and never mind that bowls are commonly played around the state in each of the first three weeks of the season. Let’s put this game in this town on this day, and let the chips fall where they may.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way, or so we thought. The word was out well before last season started that Boyle wanted to start its own bowl, and the Advocate was told in January, about the time that most schedules were being finalized, that the game would be played on this day, Friday, Aug. 26, specifically because they didn’t want to compete with Danville’s bowl.

The Bob Allen Pigskin Classic’s spot on the schedule was already established. It has been played on the second Saturday of the season for the past two years and was already scheduled for the same spot in 2011 and 2012. Boyle had committed its bowl, which was recently titled the Stuart Powell Ford Tough Classic, for the second week of the season as well, but it made perfect sense for its games to be played on Friday.

The most distant team playing at Boyle, Allen County-Scottsville, has a drive of about 2 hours, 15 minutes from Scottsville to Danville, Slotting the Patriots into the second game would allow more than enough time for them and their fans to make that trip without cutting into anyone’s school or work day. The trip from Shelbyville, where Collins is located, is only about 1:15, giving that team plenty of time to get to Boyle for an early game.

I say all of that to say this: There is no good reason why these events should be held at the same time. Sure, both bowls will draw good crowds, especially because both have other nearby teams playing in them in addition to the hosts, and both will make money. But what’s wrong with attracting even more people and making even more money?

And what’s wrong with just doing the right thing in the interest of getting along with your neighbor? You may not like the so-and-so that lives next door to you, but you probably aren’t going to throw rocks through his windows just because you can. Boyle and Danville, however, have reached the rock-throwing stage, and pretty soon the flying objects are only going to get bigger. What happens next? The fence between their two yards just keeps getting taller and taller.

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