Baseball and BTUs

As much as I love baseball, I’ve got to draw the line when it’s cold enough to put heaters in the dugouts. And those heaters weren’t the strangest sight at Saturday night’s Mercer County-Boyle County game.

While Mercer ran its “A” team onto the field, six of Boyle’s varsity players were in street clothes (not counting two others who are injured). That made for a pretty unusual lineup for the Rebels’ third game of the day, a home game that followed two games earlier in the day at East Jessamine.

The game started at what was basically dusk on a cool, cloudy and windy day, and of course it only got colder as darkness took hold. And while a forced-air heater in each dugout kept the players warm, the smattering of fans that watched Mercer’s 7-2 win was left to brave the elements in a 2-hour, 40-minute game played on a night that felt more like November than April.

Makes you glad they put in lights, doesn’t it?

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