KHSAA delegates vote to tweak spring sports seasons

There didn’t seem to be any top-of-the-page headliners among the proposals voted on by the KHSAA Delegate Assembly, which consists of athletic representatives from the member schools, at its annual meeting Thursday. All 12 proposals submitted for votes passed easily, and roughly half of them dealt with minor changes to eligibility rules, including the transfer rule.

The most noticeable change in KHSAA by-laws might result from a proposal to start the baseball, softball and tennis seasons a few days earlier. Those changes were recommended to lessen the impact of revisions in school testing systems on those sports that might otherwise make it difficult in coming years for teams to play the permitted number of games or matches.

If the proposal approved by the delegates is also approved by the Kentucky Board of Education, which is likely, baseball, softball and tennis teams would be allowed to hold their first competitions on the same day as the start of the first state basketball tournament beginning in 2014, or 12 days earlier than currently allowed. The maximum number of contests allowed would not change.

Click here to read all of the proposals that were voted on and approved Thursday.

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