High school football rules changes

The National Federation of State High School Associations has adopted a handful of football rules changes, including at least two of significance:

  • Players whose helmets come off during live-ball situations (when not caused by an opponent’s foul) will be required to sit out for one down. The NFHS football rules committee hopes this change will lead to fewer instances of improperly fitted helmets coming off during play.
  • In a new interpretation of a legal catch, a receiver must now establish possession of the ball and touch the ground inbounds while maintaining possession, regardless of the opponent’s action. This eliminates the allowance of a “force-out” in which officials could rule that the receiver would have caught the ball inbounds if he weren’t contacted by an opponent.

Read more about these and six other rules changes in this NFHS press release. KHSAA commissioner Julian Tackett is the chairman of the football rules committee.

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