Remembering Tom Hurt

I bid a sad farewell to Tom Hurt, who was a fixture on the local high school sports scene for decades before I came to know him as the crack statistician for football and basketball teams at Garrard County and later at Lincoln County. Hurt died on Saturday, fittingly while working over another set of stats.

I relied on Hurt’s numbers for countless game stories for the Advocate, and I quickly realized just how much he enjoyed charting those numbers and everything they led to, from the nuts and bolts of another forgettable game to the ingredients of a catalog of records the likes of which most schools will never have.

Hurt’s passion for sports — as well as that for his family — was on display at Hurt’s visitation earlier tonight at the Lincoln gym. And I cannot say much more about the man that wasn’t better said in Larry Vaught’s column on Hurt in today’s newspaper. Please read that column here, and Hurt’s obituary can be found here.

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  1. Tom Hurt, Jr
    August, 31st 2008 at 4:18 pm

    Thank you for remembering my father.

    The outpouring love and respect from the community is overwhelming. We are especially appreciative of the area sports community for their reflections and their condolences. High School sports was my fathers arena. For the coaches, players, sports writers and editors to recognize the talent and contribution he made would put a tear in his eye, just as it has put a tear in ours.

    Garrard County ,Lincoln County and the 12th Region has lost an irreplacable friend and fan. To hear and read that others know that as well makes the passing of my father easier on my family.

    We thank everyone of you for the kind words and reflections of my father. May God bless you all.

    Tom Hurt, Jr.

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