Harp resigns as Danville football coach

Danville is in the market for a new football coach. That hasn’t happened since 1988, when Ronald Reagan’s presidency was winding down, Adele was born and a gallon of gas sold for 91 cents.

Sam Harp, who coached the Admirals to 276 wins and seven state championships in 25 seasons, is leaving Danville to become the coach at Lebanon (Tenn.). His introduction today as Lebanon’s coach came as a shock in Danville and around the state.

It’s fair to say that few men have left as much of an imprint on high school football, not only in Danville but across Kentucky, as Harp has in a quarter-century of success here. He attained a level of success that only a handful of coaches can claim, and he worked behind the scenes in KHSAA committees and meetings of coaches and athletic directors to better the game.

It’s also fair to say that Danville football will never be the same when he’s gone. The school should be able to replace Harp with a quality coach, but coaches who can do what he has done over a long period of time don’t just grow on trees.

There will be plenty of time in the coming weeks and months to talk about where Danville football is headed. Now is the time to look back at where it has been over the last 25 years and to tip our caps to a coach whose likes we may not see again.

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