All-night games?

They aren’t really playing baseball at Danville and Boyle County at midnight, even though they could. It onlylooks that way while the new lights at both fields are being broken in.

Lights are now in place at both fields, but as part of the installation process they have to burn continuously for several days for reasons that the neighbors probably won’t care much about. This is happening now at Danville and has already happened at Boyle. The new lights require a 100-hour “burn-in” because the metal halide lamps are too bright when first activated. Light levels will not conform to the needed specifications until the bulbs are seasoned in this manner.

Danville’s first official night game will be at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, when the Admirals host Bishop Brossart in an All “A” Classic sectional playoff. Boyle plans to set a date soon for its first varsity game under the lights and is planning a special ceremony to mark the occasion.

* * *

Not long before Danville suffered its first losses of the season, it moved up one spot from No. 5 to No. 4 in this week’s Kentucky High School Baseball Coaches Association Poll

The Admirals received one of the 48 first-place votes and are behind only Lexington Catholic, Paul Dunbar and Pleasure Ridge Park in what is surely the school’s highest ranking ever. Boyle County and Mercer County also received votes in the poll.

The number of unbeaten teams that included Danville was reduced from four to one in the span of a week. The Admirals were in the final two before losing twice on Friday to Taylor County (12-2) and Marion County (7-7) in the Capital City Classic. The only “and-0″ team remaining now is Dunbar, which is 16-0.

* * *

Last week’s Danville-Boyle County game was every bit as enjoyable to watch as I tried to convey in my story in Wednesday’s Advocate.

In fact, it was a virtually perfect baseball afternoon, at least until somebody made off with my camp chair while I was conducting postgame interviews. I can’t imagine why it was such a hot item to steal, since they can be had for $10 or less at almost any store.

So a pox on you who helped yourself to my personal box seat. May it quickly collapse beneath you.

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