Rebels after dark

Boyle County has found a date for its first baseball game under its recently installed lights. The Rebels’ game Friday against Rockcastle County, originally scheduled for 5 p.m., has been moved to 7:30.

Some other schedule changes for this week: Boyle and East Jessamine canceled their game scheduled for today at Boyle after the two teams played twice in three days recently. Danville’s home game Thursday against Frankfort has been canceled at Frankfort’s request, and the Admirals canceled two games scheduled for Saturday at Henry Clay — one against Elizabethtown, one against Henry Clay — because they’ll be playing across town in the All “A” Classic.

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  1. Daniel Hopkins
    May, 10th 2007 at 4:05 pm

    Can we a get a new blog, please? I’m tired of checking for updates!

    Seriously, where will the 45th District be held this season? I know last year they played at Centre College and personally I didn’t care for it. The KHSAA says Lincoln, but they might just be the “host” school like Garrard was last year.

    Also, is there a rotation in place for the region? The KHSAA says McCreary this year, and then a TBA-45th District beside next season, followed by 47, 46, 48, 45, etc.

  2. Mike Marsee
    May, 12th 2007 at 7:58 am

    Lincoln has every intention of hosting the district tournament this season. Coach Danny Masten and his team began sprucing up their field during the offseason, from improving the dugouts to a new brick backstop, and Masten said those things were done with this year’s tourney in mind.
    If I recall correctly, Garrard County and Danville voted to move the tournament to Centre in the years they’re hosting, while Lincoln and Boyle County want to continue to use their own fields.
    As for the regional, I think the rotation you mentioned is all but set in cement. The only variable is the 45th District, where new lights move Danville and Boyle one step closer to being able to host the tourney. They still don’t meet the seating requirments, but they probably could bring in temporary seating. I’m sure this will be a topic at the pre-regional meeting later this month.
    As for how they decide which schools get the regional within that rotation, I’m not sure. Some schools don’t meet the KHSAA standards (think Mercer County and Casey County) and not every school that’s eligible may be interested.

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