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The story of East Jessamine girls coach Ralph Sallee and his months-long battle with cancer was told in detail today in a story by Mike Fields in the Lexington Herald-Leader, and it should not be missed.

Sallee’s ties to our area run deep, as he previously coached at Burgin and is a longtime resident of Garrard County, where he has also preached in the same church for nearly 30 years. He’s a good coach and a far better man, and that’s something people who know him were saying long before he was diagnosed with cancer.

Fields’ story is both sad and uplifting. Take time to read it, and if you pray, take time to remember Sallee and his family.

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  1. DawnieBeth
    January, 31st 2009 at 3:02 am

    Watch the video at …with a tissue. It’s not sappy; it may, however, change the way you spend your day!

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