Should've seen this one coming

Of course, it rains here every day now, so today’s storms were nothing new. But even if we had been in the middle of a months-long drought, I could have predicted rain for today.

For one thing, this was supposed to be the opening night of the Boyle County Invitational softball tournament, perhaps the most reliable rain magnet on the local prep sports schedule.

They’ve played this tournament on the first weekend of the season, the last weekend of the season and a couple of points in between over the years, and it has almost always gotten rained on. (Except a couple of years ago. When it snowed.)

This was also the night of the Central Kentucky Conference track and field championships, traditionally the last major meet for most local teams before the regionals. And while the CKC meet doesn’t quite have the track record of the BCI when it comes to drawing rain, it has rained or threatened to rain on that event as often as not in the last 10 to 15 years.

It’s Boyle’s turn to host the CKC this year, and since the Boyle track is only a few hundred yards from the Millennium Park softball fields, that part of town was doomed to get soaked from the start.

This is also the opening day of regional play for area boys tennis teams. The boys and girls regionals are three-day, five-round tournaments played out over consecutive weekends for which rain can lead to all sorts of headaches.

First-round matches were scheduled for tonight, and roughly half of those are going on as scheduled. Play was moved from the usual venues in Berea, where there are roughly 18 to 20 courts available at Berea College and Madison Southern, to an indoor facillty at Richmond that has only four courts.

The 14 or so first-round singles matches are being played tonight, while the doubles matches were postponed. The plan for Saturday is to play three rounds of doubles and two rounds of singles — outdoors if possible, indoors if necessary — which would leave the final two rounds (semifinals and finals) in each bracket for Sunday, which is how the tournaments usually conclude.

The CKC track meet was postponed even before the storm blew through Friday afternoon, as athletic director Jim Spears said some of the field event areas (such as pole vault and long jump) were already too wet to use. The meet has been rescheduled for Monday.

I haven’t heard the word on what might happen at the BCI softball tourney. Those fields are as waterlogged as everything else, although at least one of them has an infield tarp. But if the rain doesn’t linger into Saturday, it’s a pretty good bet that Boyle’s coaches will try to revamp the pool-play schedule and play through the day and evening.

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