Boyle soccer coach’s ejection erased

Even though Boyle County boys soccer coach Cris McMann was ejected in the Rebels’ win Wednesday over Taylor County, he won’t be penalized further for that decision.

McMann said in an e-mail today that the referee elected not to submit the required paperwork on the ejection to the KHSAA, effectively meaning that he had changed his mind. McMann said neither he nor the school received any explanation on the decision, but the more important thing is that he won’t have to sit out any games.

A KHSAA rule change that took effect this year requires coaches who are ejected to sit out two games (previously it was just one) and complete an online sportsmanship course. McMann would have been the first local coach in any sport to receive this penalty, but that isn’t the case now.

McMann said in his e-mail that he also wanted to clarify that the two yellow cards given to the Boyle bench that resulted in his ejection — similar to the bench drawing two technical fouls in a basketball game — weren’t the result of any actions or outbursts by the players. “We try very hard to make sure our players and coaches show class and sportsmanship,” he said.

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