Friday football digest, week 5

The question raised by the Advocate’s Larry Vaught in a column earlier this week was a good one: Will Boyle County be the only area team with a winning record this season? More and more, I’m starting to think the answer is yes.

Before the season began, I predicted winning regular-season records for three of the six local teams: Boyle County, Danville and Garrard County. Boyle is off to a flying start at 3-0, but Danville and Garrard aren’t looking so good at 1-3.

I can still see the possibility of Garrard going into the playoffs at 6-4, thus assuring a winning record, though it won’t happen if the Golden Lions keep playing (or not playing) defense the way they have been. It looks like much more of a challenge to wring five wins out of Danville’s remaining six games, especially if the Admirals can’t beat Southwestern tonight. It looks like a much taller order for Lincoln County to win five of its last seven games to get to 6-4, taller still for Casey County to win five of six or for Mercer County to win six straight.

Any chance I could rewrite those preseason picks?

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No preview stories this week except those from, so here are those:

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Another week of predictions, another two losses. This week it’s:

  • Southwestern over Danville.
  • Lincoln County over Washington County.
  • Boyle County over Mercer County.
  • Powell County over Casey County.

Last week: 3-2; season 14-6 (.700).

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