Men of two minds

Something that Danville coach Sam Harp said after the Admirals’ win over Boyle County has stuck with me this week, because he talked about how his team succeeded at overcoming a problem almost all high school teams are faced with at some time.

Harp was talking about the mistakes Danville made — and overcame — in that game, and how they won in part because they didn’t allow themselves to slip into a funk after turning the ball over: “Our kids could’ve hung their heads several times out there when we had those turnovers. The same guys who hang their heads have to go right back out there and play defense. Our defense came out there, and the same guys (who made the turnovers) didn’t hang their heads.”

When you’re watching college or pro ball, you hear all the time that the defense has to pick the offense up, or vice versa. But at the high school level, at schools of the size that we watch regularly in this area, the offensive and defensive units are largely made up of the same people. And if those people can pull themselves together after making a mistake — even if it’s their fourth or fifth or sixth mistake of the night — and continue to play hard, then they have an advantage over the ones who can’t.

This isn’t exactly breaking news, and it’s something I knew all along. But hearing Harp’s comments drives the point home and reinforces another reason why high school football is so unique.

* * *

Here are some links relevant to this week’s games:

  • From the Advocate’s sister newspaper, The Winchester Sun, Keith Taylor’s preview on the George Rogers Clark-Danville game.
  • Three local teams — Mercer, Garrard and Lincoln counties — are playing the three Pulaski County teams tonight, but I haven’t found any previews to link to from those games.
  • How bad are things at West Jessamine? First, the Colts (who are in Boyle County’s 4A district) brought an end to Bourbon County’s 34-game losing streak, and they’ve been outscored 145-6 in their three games this season. Then coach Wayne Stevens resigned, although — get this — he’s staying on as an assistant coach. Here are the details from another sister paper, The Jessamine Journal, and Casey Castle.

* * *

And now, the picks. I’m calling my first audible on Boyle County, which I originally pegged for an 0-5 start:

  • Boyle County over Lafayette.
  • George Rogers Clark over Danville.
  • Mercer County over Pulaski County.
  • Somerset over Garrard County.
  • Lincoln County over Southwestern.
  • Taylor County over Casey County.

* * *

The second big boys golf tournament in as many weeks in this area happens Saturday when Boyle County, Danville, Mercer County and others play in the Old Bridge Invitational, which begins at 9 a.m. The regionals are less than two weeks away.

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