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There was a time not that long ago when Fort Knox could play football with the best of them. Unfortunately for them, that time is long gone.

Fort Knox has fielded some powerful teams in the past, but the one that takes the field tonight at Danville is about as far removed from powerful as you can get. The Eagles have lost 14 straight games, and a win in their final game in 2005 is their only victory in their last 24 games.

In the Durden Ratings published on Wednesday’s in the Advocate, their power rating is 8.3, about 75 points below Danville and better than only nine other teams in the state (but worse than Jackson County and Clinton County, two second-year programs, as well as the likes of Powell County, Owen County and South Floyd).

Those of us with a little history behind us can remember far better teams, such as the ones coached by Joe Jaggers that won Class AA championships in 1983, ’88 and ’90, and the Derek Homer-led team that was the AA runner-up in 1996. Fort Knox teams also laid a couple of losses on Danville in a two-year series in 1985-86, beating the Admirals 12-10 in ’85 and 35-19 in ’86.

Schools located on military posts can have fluid populations, meaning if Dad or Mom gets a transfer order your starting tailback can be gone in a heartbeat. For instance, a 1,600-yard rusher who would have been in Fort Knox the backfield this season moved to Alaska.

For now, the Army’s revolving door seems to be working against Fort Knox, which last made the playoffs in 2002, and more favorably for Fort Campbell, which was 8-3 last year and 11-1 in 2005. The Eagles have a good coach and a proud tradition, but there’s little else going for them right now.

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Now for the picks, where I took a beating last week because I went for a Boyle County upset and because I still can’t figure when Mercer County is going to win one. I’m going against the Titans, which means they’ll probably win, and I’d love to pick a Jackson County upset but just can’t do it:

  • Lexington Catholic over Boyle County.
  • Danville over Fort Knox.
  • Southwestern over Mercer County.
  • Garrard County over Taylor County.
  • Casey County over Jackson County.

Last week: 4-2. For the season: 16-6.

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