A double-draw day

With all of the district tournaments within the 12th Region scheduled to be concluded by Friday, the schools that will host the 12th Region Tournaments have made the logical decision to hold the drawings for both the boys and girls tournaments on Saturday for the first time.

The regional scheduled to begin play first has held its drawing on Saturday for several years, but in the past we’ve always had to wait until Sunday for one of them. There’s no reason to wait this year, because there are no games Saturday night, so the pairings for both tournaments will be drawn within a span of about three hours Saturday.

The girls draw will be held at Lincoln County on Saturday morning, followed by the boys draw at Pulaski County in the early afternoon.

As for the playing dates, the girls first round will be played Monday and Tuesday at Lincoln, with the semifinals March 5 and the championship March 6. The boys will play first-round games March 3 and 4 at Pulaski, with the semifinals March 8 and the finals March 9.

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