Regional baseball, softball fields set

The fields for the 12th Region baseball and softball tournaments are complete, with coaches awaiting the drawings to find out who plays who.

Pairings for the softball tournament will be drawn at a meeting 11 a.m. today, and pairings for the baseball tournament will be drawn at 2 p.m. Sunday. Check back here for the pairings.

The baseball tournament will be played at East Jessamine; the softball tournament is at Millennium Park in Danville.

Both tournaments are expected to begin Monday, but neither are expected to play any games Tuesday due to a conflict with graduation at Danville, which is in both tourneys. The baseball tournament is also expected to avoid playing on Friday (June 4) due to another graduation conflict.

Here are the teams that will play in both tournaments, with the winner of each district listed before the runner-up:


  • 45th District: Danville, Boyle County
  • 46th District: West Jessamine, Mercer County
  • 47th District: Somerset, Pulaski County
  • 48th District: Southwestern, McCreary Central


  • 45th District: Garrard County, Danville
  • 46th District: East Jessamine, West Jessamine
  • 47th District: Pulaski County, Somerset
  • 48th District: Southwestern, Wayne County

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