… and we’re back!

The thermometer still screams summer, but the fall sports season is already under way, so it’s time for the blog to come out of hibernation.

Golf season opened last Monday and volleyball gets going this Monday, followed by soccer on Aug. 16, football on Aug. 20 and cross country on Aug. 23. And I’m sure every athlete who is practicing outdoors shares my sentiment that cooler weather can’t get here soon enough. It’s a pretty good bet that some golf matches and football and soccer practices will be affected in the coming week if the forecast proves true.

So I’ll go back to the pup tent I’ve pitched over top of the air conditioning vent in the corner of the living room for a little longer, and I’ll leave you with this list of first-year fall sports coaches at Advocate-area schools:

  • Boyle County: Chris LeMonds, athletic director; Megan Gatewood, volleyball.
  • Casey County: Marshall Forbes, boys golf; Veronica Sengkhamyong, volleyball.
  • Garrard County: Brad Sizemore, cross country.
  • Lincoln County: Lacey Ledford, cross country; Jon Smith, girls soccer.
  • Mercer County: Paul Brooks, girls soccer.

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  1. Daniel Hopkins
    August, 11th 2010 at 8:13 am

    About time!

    Gonna need some preseason predictions here real soon.

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