Friday football digest, week 2

It’s bowl week in the Advoplex, time to pack a sack lunch and head to Lincoln County tonight and to Danville tomorrow for the annual early-season doubleheaders.

The games — and the gates — are enhanced by the presence of each host team’s natural rival in the opposite game, but the matchups on this year’s local bowl schedule are mostly unfamiliar:

  • Death Valley Bowl at Lincoln County: Rowan County vs. Lincoln County, 6 p.m.; East Jessamine vs. Garrard County, 8:30 p.m.
  • Bob Allen Pigskin Classic at Danville: Franklin County vs. Boyle County, 5:30 p.m.; Rockcastle County vs. Danville, 8 p.m.

It’s possible that only one of the above games matches two teams that have played each other before. We know that Rowan and Lincoln have never played, likewise East Jessamine and Garrard. And the Advocate’s records don’t show any previous games between Boyle and Franklin, though those records are incomplete.

That leaves Rockcastle and Danville, who will play for the sixth time Saturday. The Rockets haven’t beaten Danville in any of the previous five meetings — and haven’t scored a single point in the last three, the most recent of which was at the same bowl in 2005, when Danville won 34-0.

* * *

Speaking of Danville, the Admirals are one of two local teams that turned our heads with their week 1 successes. Their win over Mason County was an impressive showing against a quality opponent, the kind of showing that I thought Danville would have in it later in the season, but not on opening night and not against that kind of team.

The other team is Mercer County, which got its season off on the right foot with a win over LaRue County in Campbellsville’s bowl. Some of the Titans indicated to me last Friday that they thought I undersold them when I picked them to go 2-8, and I told them I’d be happy to see them prove me wrong. Their win over LaRue was a good start, and they’ve got a decent shot to go 2-0 with a win over Paul Dunbar on Saturday.

* * *

The Danville and Mercer wins left me with a 3-2 record for my first week of predictions, but I can live with that. Here are the week 2 picks:

  • Rowan County over Lincoln County.
  • East Jessamine over Garrard County.
  • Perry County Central over Casey County.
  • Boyle County over Franklin County (Saturday).
  • Danville over Rockcastle County (Saturday).
  • Mercer County over Paul Dunbar (Saturday).

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