When undefeated isn’t enough

Here’s one that’s hard to understand: the Danville boys soccer team began the season at No. 15 in the state coaches association’s preseason poll — a bit low for a team that made the final four last year, but not altogether unreasonable. The second poll of the season, released Aug. 23, saw the Admirals slip all the way to No. 24. And in the last two polls — the most recent of which was released Tuesday — they aren’t in the top 25 at all.

Meanwhile, all they’re doing is beating people’s brains in. They are 6-0 and have outscored their opponents 37-4, allowing two goals in their first game, two goals in their last game and none in the four games in between.

Danville hasn’t played any other ranked teams, although it did beat the Franklin County team that it knocked off in the state quarterfinals last season. And it has only one game scheduled against a team that is currently ranked: a late-season game against No. 22 West Jessamine. But while those might be reasons not to move them up in the poll, they are certainly no case to move them down or out. If they were good enough to be ranked before the season began, they’re good enough to be ranked now.

Meanwhile, Boyle County is on its way up in the girls poll, climbing from No. 13 to No. 11 in the poll released Wednesday.

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