Nov 15

Jessamine County school district receives another favorable audit

The Jessamine County Board of Education approved the audit for the 2011-2012 year during a special meeting Monday before the regularly scheduled work session.

The audit, presented by Artie White of White & Associates, was unqualified, meaning the district fairly presented its financial positions.

The management letter, which is not technically part of the audit report but is included at the end, included six school-level “conditions” — matters classified as “opportunities for strengthening internal controls and operating efficiency.” Only five conditions were in the fiscal-year 2011 audit, down from 69 in 2009 and 14 in 2010.

Board chairman Eugene Peel said he was happy with the audit but always looking to get better.

“We can live with it, but those six — we’re going to work on them,” he said.

White said his firm handles a lot of school districts and that Jessamine County should not take for granted that there were no official findings in the audit.

“You all are not the norm,” he said. “It’s not like we’re out here and we think we have to find something — if you do a good job, you do a good job.”

District officials have credited the improvements to the addition of an internal-auditor position in April 2010, which has been filled by Jason U’Wren since then. White praised district finance director Tim Lemaster, U’Wren and the rest of the financial staff in the district and schools for their diligence to improve.

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