Aug 09

Jessamine County Board of Education elections

As of Wednesday morning, chairman Eugene Peel was the only candidate who had filed for any of the three seats up for election on the Jessamine County Board of Education this November. The deadline is 4 p.m. Tuesday.

JoAnn Rohrback has said all year that she will not run for re-election; vice chairperson Amy Day told me in June that she had not decided whether to run yet. Peel represents district one; Day represents district two; Rohrback represents district three. Districts four and five (Hallie Bandy and Fran Settle) won’t be up for election until 2014.

For those curious what district you are in, below is a map provided by the Jessamine County Clerk’s Office of the voting precincts and a listing of precincts included in the three districts up for election.

District one: A103, A104, F101, F102, F103, F104

District two: A101, B101, B102, B103, B104, B105

District three: A102, C101, C102, C103, C104, C105


  1. Darrell Jordan

    This map is just about as bad as every other map I’ve ever seen in this county for county districts. I have no idea which district I fall into with it. I don’t think my street is even listed on that map.

  2. Jonathan Kleppinger

    I agree wholeheartedly. I was disappointed to receive a hand-drawn district map when I asked the clerk’s office for a map of school districts. Theoretically the clerk’s website includes a page (http://www.jessaminecountyclerk.com/PollLocations.stm) to find your precinct and poll location, but there’s currently an error that renders the tool moot. As far as I know, the other route available online is through the state board of elections’ website (https://cdcbp.ky.gov/VICWeb/index.jsp), where you can find out the precinct you should be in by giving your name and date of birth. The last option would be calling the clerk’s office (859-885-4161). But it would certainly be helpful if Jessamine Countians had more reliable, detailed online information.

  3. Darrell Jordan

    I know it’s not your fault. I don’t understand why with today’s technology that this is the best our county can come up with. I can never figure out who my school board rep is nor my Magistrate.

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