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GCHS graduation

img_5668 Ben Kleppinger/
Many Garrard County High School graduates decorated the tops of their graduation caps, some with items like Diet Coke cans, plastic cups and ping pong balls. img_5726 Ben Kleppinger/
Aurthur Mitchell Hollis celebrates on-stage after receiving his diploma at Garrard County High School's graduation ceremony Friday evening. Ben Kleppinger/
Rosalon Jones celebrates on-stage after receiving her diploma at Garrard County High School's graduation ceremony Friday evening. img_5781 Garrard County teacher Cheryl Hooper runs to embrace brand new graduate Will Demarcus after the high school graduation ceremony Friday evening.

Garrard designated for individual assistance

Garrard is one of 25 additional counties in Kentucky that have now been designated for individual assistance following the flooding earlier this month. Here’s some info on what that means from a press release:

Individual Assistance for homeowners and renters can include grants to help pay for temporary housing, home repairs and other serious disaster-related expenses not met by insurance or other assistance programs.  Also low-interest loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration are available to cover residential and business losses not fully compensated by insurance.

Disaster survivors are urged to register their damage, large or small, for assistance by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or TTY 1-800-462-7585 for the hearing or speech disabled. The telephone lines are staffed daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. EDT until further notice. Help is available in all languages. An application may be completed online at

Also, some info courtesy of John Wilson. There are two drop-off amnesty (my term) days for flood-damaged items coming up in Garrard. You can take things damaged by the flood that you want to get rid of to these locations at the right time and they will be taken off your hands free of charge. Date/time/locations:

Paint Lick Sportsman’s Club, June 5, 8 a.m.-1 p.m.

Garrard County Fairgrounds, June 12, 8 a.m.-1 p.m.

Pike Valley Farms

I had a story on the business page of today’s Advocate about Pike Valley Farms in Garrard County. You can see some photos below and read the story here.

City Council Budget Meeting in Brief (Updated)

Update: Read full stories in the Advocate about the city council meeting here and here.

1. The council voted to cease paying housing authority board members for attending board meetings. Board Chairman Cecil Dunn had been receiving $100 per meeting and three board members had each been receiving $10. Mayor Rinthen suggested ending the payments because no other city he knows of pays its housing authority board, and federal housing authority officials were even surprised that Lancaster did. Read more about recent issues at the housing authority here (April 20) and here (April 28).

2. The council voted to allow Don to access the sewer fund CD account to pay for sewage damage that happened during the flooding when raw sewage got into a local creek. The cleanup is costing about $33,000.

3. Chris Thomason and the Lincoln/Garrard Solid Waste District will not be getting the $10,000 they expected from Lancaster, at least not yet. The council voted to contribute only $2,500, and that is contingent on Lincoln County’s cities coming up with $7,500 for the bi-county solid waste organization.

Moving into the new high school

You can read my story, see my photos and watch my video about the new high school becoming ready for teachers to move in at the Advocate’s Web site today.

Mine Shields Job Fair

The Mine Shields job fair is today from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and it looks like it will be a very busy one. An Advocate staffer who lives in Garrard County told me she saw cars of people already waiting for the job fair to start at 6:30 a.m. this morning. I’ll be over there in less than an hour to check things out and talk to the people applying for the jobs.

Garrard election story

My story about the Garrard primary election is now online here.

Primary Results


U.S. Senator: Rand Paul 1,794 (58.3%), Trey Grayson 1,114 (36.2%)

U.S. Representative, 6th District: Andy Barr 1,886 (68.6%)

State Senator, 22nd District: Tom Buford 1,733 (59.3%), Chad Crouch 1,189 (40.7%)

State Representative, 36th District: Lonnie Napier 1,643 (50.03%), Roger Ayres 1,641 (49.97%)

Garrard County Attorney: Mark Metcalf 1,686 (51.1%), Jeff Moss 1,611 (48.9%)

Garrard County Sheriff: Ronnie Wardrip 1,884 (57.8%), Allen Weston 1,377 (42.2%)

Garrard County Coroner: Daryl Hodge 2,000 (65.6%), Kenny Johnson 1,049 (34.4%)

Garrard Magistrate, 3rd District: Ronnie Lane 345 (51%), Freddy Day 331 (49%)

Garrard Magistrate, 4th District: Fred Simpson 476 (73.2%), Michael Condon Sr. 174 (26.8%)

Garrard Magistrate, 5th District: Betty Von Guenigen 286 (46.7%), Marvin Conn 164 (26.8%), Larry Nicely 130 (21.2%), Teresa Locker 32 (5.2%)

Garrard Constable, 4th District: Carliss Conley 220 (35.5%), Billy Sebastian 180 (29%), Scott Miller 120 (19.3%), Harold Lester 64 (10.3%), John Nichols 36 (5.8%)

Garrard Constable, 5th District: Bruce Potter 274 (52.2%), Bryan Wilmot 251 (47.8%)


U.S. Senator: Daniel Mongiardo 385 (46%), Jack Conway 361 (43.2%)

Garrard Magistrate, 5th District: Brent Causey 100 (61.7%), Chester Satterfield 62 (38.3%)

Noon voting update

I visited the polls located at the high school, middle school and health department in Lancaster (I didn’t have time to head up to Camp Dick), and all the precinct workers said turnout has been a steady stream since they began this morning. All the precincts had about 100-130 voters show up by the time I got there, and most precinct workers who were willing to estimate said it looks like it will be about a 30-percent turnout.

One precinct worker said turnout is maybe a little low comparatively speaking because there is only one Democratic primary race (5th district magistrate). A lack of primaries to vote in might mean Democrats won’t be turning out in large numbers, which could impact overall turnout.

Several precinct workers said they expect voting to pick up and get busy during lunch and right before the polls close.

I’ll be over at the courthouse at about 6:30 to wait on voting results, which might all be in as soon as 7:30. You can watch my twitter feed (BenKleppinger) for updates as I get them at the courthouse, or check here a little while after the results are out for a full list. Winners for Garrard, as well as Boyle, Lincoln, Mercer and Casey, will also be announced on, and a story about Garrard’s election will be in tomorrow’s paper.

Primary Tuesday

Primaries are today! I will be over in Garrard in a hour or two to tour the new high school for a story, and while I’m over there I’ll also find out how early voting has gone and post that info up here. I’ll also be back in Garrard this evening to wait for the vote totals, which I will text to my twitter account (BenKleppinger) and then post here when I get back to the newsroom.

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