Monthly Archive: October 2012

I am officially approved!

Today I got a letter from the Foreign Police telling me my application for temporary residency in Slovakia has been approved. Hooray! I got a notice from the post office that a letter from the police was waiting for me on Friday, but I couldn’t pick it up then because I didn’t have my passport …

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My day at Hogwarts

A dream I never thought would come true did last week. I went to Hogwarts. Every year at the school where I teach, faculty and older students organize a welcoming party for the new first-year students. It’s called Imatrikulácie, and it has a different theme each year. This year, it just happened to be Harry Potter-themed. …

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Re-energized and inspired after an escape to the mountains

The last week has been filled with many wonderful surprises. During our first week here at orientation, we were told that we will experience many “highs” and “lows” during our journeys as missionary teachers. Right now, you could definitely say I’m on a “high.” When I first arrived in Vienna, I got in around the …

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