Feb 27

10th Region tourney: Sunday finale a bad decision

I had to double check the date when I received the girls’ 10th Region Tournament pairings over the weekend.
Sure enough, school officials penciled in March 4 at 3 p.m., as the time for the championship game in the 10th Region.
Seriously folks? Of all the 16 girls regions in the state, only the 10th Region will be playing its championship on a Sunday afternoon this year. I have to scratch my head sometimes at those in the decision-making circles as to why you have to play a regional final on Sunday?
Many players, coaches and their families choose to attend worship services, spend time with family and have a day away from the hustle and bustle of school, jobs and other responsibilities during the week on Sunday. My wife Rhonda is a teacher and the last thing she wants to do during any given week is to give up her Sunday for a school-related function.
The only explanation I’ve received as for the decision behind playing the final on Sunday is that the ACT test will be given to juniors on Tuesday (March 6) and school officials didn’t want student-athletes facing a long bus ride home the night before the testing. Academics is a top priority for students and should come ahead of sports, but there were more options available than scheduling the girls 10th Region championship game on a Sunday afternoon.
One would have been to play the girls final on Saturday night (March 3) and play the boys semifinals on Saturday afternoon, say like at noon and 3 p.m. and schedule the girls final for 7 or so on Saturday night.
Along the same subject line, I never have understand the fact that the All “A” played its championship games on Sunday, yet the state tournament games are played on Saturday night? Seems to me there needs to be more structure in scheduling. Maybe the KHSAA Board of Control needs to bring more structure to the scheduling process.
Funny to me the 10th Region is the only region in the state that put such a huge emphasis on academics while making the final determination on dates for the regional tournament.
Thumbs down to those who voted in favor of playing the regional finale on a Sunday. Seems to met there were more options on the table instead of the one passed without unanimous consent.

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