Mar 27

Calipari: Cats to wear blue against Louisville

Kentucky had a choice to either wear blue or white uniforms in Saturday’s national semifinal game against Louisville Saturday in New Orleans.
Since the Big Easy is now known as “Blue Orleans” the Cats will wear blue, while Louisville will wear white instead of the infrared jerseys, which have been frowned upon by the NCAA.
“They outlawed those for the Final Four, I don’t know if you read that. So, they are not allowed to wear those. As a matter of fact, the higher seed has a choice of color and we picked blue.”

‘The next game’

Kentucky sophomore Doron Lamb isn’t thinking about a “Dream Game” scenario going into Saturday’s game against the Cardinals.
“We’re not going to take it as a rivalry game. We’re just going to take it as the next game we play and it’s Louisville, so we have to get prepared for that. We know what they’re going to do to try and beat us, so we’re going to get ready for that.”


Kentucky lost six SEC games during the regular season last year, but won the conference tournament, got a No. 4 seed in the NCAA Tournament and now finds itself in the Final Four. Kentucky enjoyed a similar path to the national semifinals last year, and Calipari has notice the similarities between the two teams.
“They stuck together, man, they stuck together. The winds were blowing, and the ship was rocking and the water was coming and they stuck together and they held their ground. That’s why it is going to be a very hard game for us to win. Look, the challenge of it is that they have terrific players that are competitors that play tough and rough and physical. They are coached by a guy that has been there before. They are going to be prepared. They have been there before. If you don’t think they are going to be prepared, then you are not thinking right. They will be. It will be a hard game and hopefully they will come in at their best, and we will come in at our best and let’s see what happens.”

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