Jan 30

‘Dudes’ helping Terrence Jones in the post

It’s hard to believe, but Kentucky sophomore Terrence Jones has yet to post a double-double in 20 games he’s played in this season.
Jones, who scored 27 points and just missed a double-double with nine rebounds in Kentucky’s 74-50 win at LSU last weekend, is glad to be surrounded by Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in the post.
“I mean it’s hard to rebound with all these dudes on my team. There are three dudes trying to get 10 each game. I don’t even keep track during the game so I just play it by what they say at the end of the game. I didn’t even know I had nine (rebounds) – I would’ve asked coach (Calipari) for another 30 seconds or something. But it’s just fun playing.”
Kentucky coach John Calipari likes the way Jones is playing going into Tuesday night’s game against Tennessee at Rupp Arena. He said the team was glad to see Jones step it up a notch against the Tigers.
“We were all happy in that locker room. The team was ecstatic. It wasn’t scoring. He was tough. He came up with balls. He posted physically strong even though the guy battled him. He battled back. The four jumps for a ball, we haven’t seen that all year,” the Kentucky coach said. “Well, that’s now what we’re all looking for. Everybody will be saying that if he’s capable of doing that then let’s do it every game. Now, it’s hard because they’re not machines. They’re not computers. But, it’s what you strive for. It’s what you prepare for.”

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