Feb 29

Kentucky “Senior Night” a special moment

I remember as a little boy watching Senior Day basketball games at Kentucky on the television screen. I can see the late Kentucky Governor “Happy” Chandler singing “My Old Kentucky Home” as the cheerleaders sway to the sound of Chandler’s voice.
I can see the Kentucky seniors of my era wipe away tears with their parents standing side-by-side on the court. The presentation of framed jerseys to each player also made for a special occasion.
I can hear the late Al McGuire describe the emotions surrounding the moment, one that he described as “the most touching moment in all of sports.”

It’s touching for all seniors, but even more for players who have grown up following the Wildcats in the Bluegrass and being one of the chosen few to wear the Blue and White. Darius Miller is one of those players who dreamed of making the transition from shooting basketball on a dirt or a concrete surface to playing at Rupp Arena.
The former Mason County standout who led the Royals to the state title four years ago, will be honored before Thursday’s final home game, along with teammate Eloy Vargas.
Miller said he expects his final game at Rupp Arena to be an emotional one.
“I can imagine it’ll be emotional for me,” he said. “I’ve been here for, like you said, a while. I had a lot of good memories, met a lot of great people, great coaching staff. I can imagine it being emotional for me.”

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