Jan 31

National signing day, all the hype without the scoreboard, pigskin

Th the second biggest day in college football besides the national championship, has become an event that doesn’t involve a football, uniforms, head sets or a scoreboard, but rather a pen and a piece of paper.
National Signing Day, always the first Wednesday in February, will take place tomorrow. Like all major universities across the nation, the University of Kentucky will unveil its recruits for the upcoming season. Although the Wildcats haven’t stocked their roster with five-star recruits such as Southeastern Conference counterparts Alabama, LSU, South Carolina and others have done in the past few years, Kentucky has managed to grab some little-known players and turn them into superstars. The most recent gem of signing day as Randall Cobb, now with the Green Bay Packers. Of course you can eventually place Danny Trevathan in the same category.
Aside from learning new names of new players on the roster and where they are from, watching them blossom as college players also is a treat.
As Forrest Gump says, signing day is “like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”

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