Mar 22

NCAA Tourney sound bites: Kentucky-Indiana

Kentucky took to the podium in Atlanta Thursday and answered questions from the media in preparation for Friday’s game against Indiana. Here are some responses to those questions during the press conference.

Darius Miller on what the Cats have learned from their two losses: “I think one thing that we took from it is that we got to play the whole 40 minutes. In both of those games, we had stretches where we kind of wasn’t playing with high intensity or wasn’t ready to go. So I feel like the thing that we took the most from is we’ve got to play the whole 40 minutes.”

Anthony Davis on when the realization that Kentucky was a big-time program: I think the first game was against North Carolina. The game was really hyped. Every game after that, guys were just trying to come out and play their best against us. It just made it fun for us and made it a challenge for us as well, knowing that every game we come out and play, every team is going to try to come out and play their best and try to beat us.”

Miller on preparing the freshman for the next phase in the NCAA Tournament: We don’t put a lot of pressure on the game. We take it as just another game. We take every game one game at a time. That won’t be any different. I think they know by now every single game, the level of intensity is going to be up. They know we have to come out and, like I said earlier, play hard the whole 40 minutes. I think they know what to expect. They’re not playing like freshmen. They’re playing like veterans in the game. We really don’t have to explain too much to them. You see how they’re playing. They’re doing a great job of producing and making the team better.”

Davis on his future and thoughts of playing in the NBA: I really haven’t decided yet. I’m just still worried about the season right now. The season’s not over. You can’t really worry about the future right now. So I’m just trying to win a National Championship for my team, and then when the time comes, whether it be this year or next year or whatever year, that’s when I’m going to have to sit down with my family and my coaches and decide what I’m going to do.”

Miller on this team compared to John Calipari’s first two teams at Kentucky: “I think all those teams were different teams. This year we have a different team. We have a lot of weapons. We play extremely well together. Everybody gets along. We really care for each other. We have a really good team this year. It’s one of the best teams we’ve been on. I think the main point is we have a lot of fun with everything we do. You see us laughing and smiling on the court, clapping, and you see all the emotion we leave on the court. I think that’s one of the main differences. No, I don’t want to say differences, but I think it’s kind of emphasized this year on how much we do those things.”

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