Mar 26

NCAA Tourney: Random thoughts

It’s hard to believe that Kentucky and Louisville have never met in the Final Four, giving the history between the two instate schools. Even though some fans in Big Blue Nation despise the Cardinals, it’s a good thing that Kentucky has two of the four best teams in the nation playing on the final weekend of the regular season.
Kansas and Ohio State are equally as good. I’m still thinking it will be Kansas and Kentucky in the finale.

During the past two weeks I’ve covered the second and third rounds in Louisville and the regional semifinals and finals in Atlanta. It never ceases to amaze me the support Kentucky gets from Big Blue Nation. The Georgia Dome was all blue, even the carpet and set-up in the media work room and work stations made for a blue weekend.

It was pointed out to me – on facebook, my cell phone and twitter – that I was in the background during halftime of the Kentucky-Baylor game as Jim Nantz was interviewing NCAA president Mark Emmert. How cool is that. I was just doing my usual shuffle down press row during the half, which spans 20 minutes. I am blessed to have some amazing friends in and out of the profession.

Most people asked why I wasn’t wearing a blue shirt. It’s simple: I don’t wear UK blue to any of UK’s games to show neutrality and professionalism. Now, if you see me out and about when I’m not covering the Cats, more than likely, I will be sporting a UK sweatshirt and I even have a Tennessee one that tends to garner a lot of attention when I’m out in public. I had a dark pink color w a tie during Sunday’s finale at the Dome.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a player have as much impact on a team in his first season like Kentucky’s Anthony Davis. Like John Wall, he’s a once-in-a-lifetime player. Can you imagine Wall and Davis on the same team? I feel goose bumps coming on.

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