Nov 24

Timeout – It’s Thanksgiving

The NFL doesn’t take a break on Thanksgiving, but it’s a good break between meals and snacks on this day that we set aside to give thanks for our heritage here in America.
I am thankful for many things, including my wife Rhonda, my family – on both sides – church and pastor, job, the freedom to worship Jesus Christ and our heavenly father and the blessings that he gives to us. I am also thankful for our great nation and what she stands for and that’s freedom and the ability to express ourselves.
I for one am thankful to God and the opportunity to live and have life more abundantly. Without him, there would be no life and living would be meaningless. That’s just how I feel about it.
In the sports world, I am thankful for a number of things. Here’s the list:
(1) The Kentucky Wildcats. Covering a college program that’s second to none is a blessing.
(2) The George Rogers Clark Cardinals. The best high school program to cover in the entire state. Thankful for the coaches and administrators who help make my job rewarding and exciting.
(3) College Football. The best game on the planet.
(4) College Basketball. Never grows old.
(5) NFL. Football of any type is good.
(6) Cincinnati Reds. When they are winning.
(7) Eastern Kentucky Colonels. Always have a special place in my heart for my hometown university.
(8) Golf. It’s the most underrated sport ever. Love to play the game, although I’m not the best at it.
(9) The Kentucky Derby. Horse racing is a huge part of our heritage in Kentucky.
(10) All sports: Without it, I wouldn’t have a job and the opportunity to cover all phases of the game from the ground up, locally, nationally and professionally.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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