May 23

UK Football: Mitch Barnhart statements

Mitch Barnhart Opening Statement and Q&A

“I appreciate everyone being here. I apologize for it being Saturday morning, as (UK SID) Tony (Neely) said Coach (Rich) Brooks is out of town. It’s unfortunate, we’re called here today. Jeremy (Jarmon) has been through a tough month or so. We’ve been informed that he tested positive to an NCAA banned substance and the penalty for that is loss of eligibility for one year. With one year left on his eligibility clock with the NCAA, his career at Kentucky is concluded. We appealed that decision and that appeal was denied. Normally, we would not have a press conference to discuss this kind of issue, but Jeremy requested the opportunity to speak to it and with all the contributions and the things he’s given this program, we felt he earned and deserved the right to do that. The way he had represented this program and how much it meant to him, we wanted to make sure that he had the opportunity to speak to the people he loves dearly in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the fans that have supported him, his teammates, coaches and staff. He is a graduate of this program; he is no longer with this program, he could have graduated in three and a half years. It took a little extra time and he graduated in four, he’s (getting ready) to leave to go study abroad in France. He has been a tremendous leader. His smile has graced our program and practice fields and locker rooms and I’ll speak a more to that in a little bit. We’re appreciative of what he’s contributed to this program. He doesn’t have to do this today; he’s not required to be here, but it’s something he wanted to do. He wanted to talk about his thought process, and what’s going on in his life. I wanted to give him the opportunity to do that, as did Coach Brooks. At this time, I’m going to turn it over to him. He’s sharing more with you than is necessary, for that reason, he’s going to just share his story; he’s not going to take any questions. Afterwards, I’ll close it down and if there are any questions at that point, I’ll be glad to take them.”

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