Jan 08

Who should be Sportsman of the Year for 2011?

Who should be Sportsman of the Year? That’s the question I will ponder over the next couple of days before making a final decision.
I have a list of more than 100 names – and horses – to consider for the annual award presented by the Lexington Herald-Leader. The award is voted on by several sports editors across the state, including myself and many of my colleagues within the print, radio and television media.
I have narrowed my list to these individuals: Brandon Knight, Shelvin Mack, Matthew Mitchell, Matt Roark, Charlie Strong, Donnie Tyndall, Kelly Wells, David Akers, Bob Beatty, Yeremiah Bell, John Calipari, Randall Cobb, Bill Cronin, Scott Davenport and Josh Harrellson. The final task is narrowing it down to 10 and putting them in order from first to last. Who do you think deserves the honor and why?

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